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  • Residential Water Supply

    Custom Water Pumps is able to provide water pump installation for a wide assortment of needs; from single family domestic wells to large scale municipal subdivisions.

  • Water Well Testing

    Types of pressure systems / Perform Well Tests & Inspections

    Our well tests inspect the following: Flow  /  Potability  /  Quality

    Well Cleanouts

    Improves water production  /  Clorination  /  Shock

    Water Treatment Systems

    We provide water treatment systems for the following to improve the quality of your water:

    Iron  /  Sulfur  /  Hardness  /  Bacteria  /  Taste  /  Odor

    Reverse Osmosis, Chlorine Retention, Carbon Activated

    Getting a water treatment system is ideal for real estate transactions and preventative maintenance.

  • Irrigation Pump Systems

    Irrigation Water Pumps Servicing small backyards to large scale agricultural applications. No job too big, or too small.

  • Solar Pumps

    Solar-powered water pumps are an economical due to their lower operation and maintenance costs. Since they do not have an internal combustion engine their environmental impact is lesser than traditional pumps. For more information on our solar-powered water pumps, please call us or fill out our contact form.

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